Yeah, we tried this back in the 18th Century

And I don't recall it working that well:

The group, which has already gained ballot access in 13 states, hopes to take advantage of discontent with both of the major political parties. It plans to nominate a candidate based on an internet process of people voting online. The presidential nominee must then choose a vice presidential running mate from the opposite party.

On a positive note, it could help bring back The Duel. Maybe we can find Alexander Hamilton's descendant so he (or she) can even the score with Richard Burr. I was going to say "Since we're not smart enough to remove him from office ourselves", but that would be rude, so I won't say it.


Little Suzi Hamilton

She's actually a pretty good shot, but her attention span is horrible. She ran off chasing butterflies at least three different times, and it took my Angry Sergeant voice to bring her back to the firing line.

I have a feeling this "replace Burr via duel" gambit will be just as fruitless as the political attempts.

Opposite Party?

As if there were only 2 parties, as if the parties were exact opposites, as if the parties even hold a single position internally for their to be an opposite of.

Great point, Jake

I often find myself wishing for a third option, or maybe dozens of other options that force the need for coalitions and consensus. We have lurched so far to the right that I have whiplash.