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YDNC Officers will travel from Murphy to Manteo on August 4th to celebrate Young Democrat Day. Young Democrat Day will celebrate Young Democrats across our State. Young Democrats have always fought to give young North Carolinians a seat at the table while elevating the tenor of our political discourse, and we've often been the first organization to give a voice to the ideas of the future.

BlueNCers are welcome to join in by attending one of many events (example below) or by tweeting on the #YDDay hashtag.

Young Democrats chapters across the state have events planned to celebrate the day. Spencer and others will take off from Murphy at dawn and will tentatively visit Asheville, Gastonia, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Elizabeth City, and Manteo. On the way back (August 5), YDs will stop in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Shelby, and Greenville. Press availability is planned for each stop. Please contact sam@ydnc.org to schedule a press availability or for information on local events.

Young Democrat Day will celebrate multiple victories for YDNC. 36 young Democrats will represent North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention in September. Young Democrats have taken leadership roles across the state and the nation. Most recently, YDNC board member Montica Talmadge was elected to serve as a member of the DNC. YDNC has active local chapters from Macon County in the West to Dare County in the East.

The day will focus on both urban and rural North Carolina. YDNC Treasurer and Rural Caucus Chair Justin Conley of Franklin, NC said, "For young people out in our more rural areas a good education has always been a reliable path to success; that opportunity is under attack by Republicans. By barnstorming from the mountains to the Outer Banks, we hope to rally young people to become advocates for their future. We didn’t create the problems our state is facing, but we’re ready to solve them."

Conley continued, "This is North Carolina. We've never answered any crisis in this state without investing in the future, and we won't now."

YDNC Vice President Seth Koch remarked, "Our cross-state tour will fire up Young Democrats to engage youth voters across the state so we win in November. I'm proud of all of our new chapters, and we'll work with them on Young Democrat Day to empower the next generation of North Carolina's leaders."

Koch is the author of the most recent YDNC Platform, which begins "WE BELIEVE in the American values of freedom, fairness, equality, and social justice. We believe the Democratic Party at its best embodies these values, and the Young Democrats of North Carolina exists to advance these principles and give the youth of North Carolina a vehicle for progressive change."

Founded in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is an organization for all registered Democrats under 36, including College Democrats and Teen Democrats. YDNC is one of the oldest political organizations in our state, and is the founding chapter of the Young Democrats of America. YDNC is the official youth auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Its mascot is the Honey Badger.