YDNC Members & Youth Join North Carolina's Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

On Saturday May 19 at congressional district conventions across North Carolina, 20 YDNC members and youth (under 36) were elected as North Carolina delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. These 20 delegates include College Democrats of North Carolina Vice President Keylin Rivera (UNC Greensboro & Gaston County), North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats President Vibhav Kollu (Cabarrus County), LGBT Democrats President Ryan Butler (Guilford County), YDNC District Chairs Justin Conley (Macon County) and Nick Carpenter (Cleveland County), Buncombe YD President Parker Sloan, and YDNC President Sam Spencer (Mecklenburg County).

"The strong performance of youth candidates for DNC Delegate slots mirrors the strong youth support for President Obama in North Carolina," said Sam Spencer. "District conventions recognized the hard work and energy of Young Democrats by voting to send them to Charlotte in September. Youth are ready to be involved in what's shaping up to be a great convention, and Young, College, and Teen Democrats are ready to move the Democratic Party forward and win this election for Barack Obama."

Almost 80 delegates were elected across the state on May 19. The Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party set a goal of 19 Youth (under 36) delegates last year. The remaining convention delegates will be elected at the North Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 16, bringing North Carolina's delegate total to 158.

The list of youth delegates elected is as follows:

Congressional District 3: Monica Gibbs (Pamlico)
CD 4: Matt Hughes (Orange), Donald Hughes (Durham), Danielle Adams (Durham)
CD 8: Joy Ellison (Scotland)
CD 10: Nick Carpenter (Cleveland), Chaz Beasley (Catawba)
CD 11: Justin Conley (Macon), Parker Sloan (Buncombe), Sarah Zambon (Henderson), Valerie Barnes (Buncombe)
CD 12: Sam Spencer (Mecklenburg), Vibhav Kollu (Cabarrus), Vani Hari (Mecklenburg), Joy Cook (Guilford), Ryan Eller (Forsyth), Ralph Rodland (Guilford), Herve Mesa (Guilford)
CD 13: Ryan Butler (Guilford), Keylin Rivera (Guilford)