Ya gotta see this....aka, Newt, Mitt, Herman, Ron and Santorum...or ANY GOP group.


A sense of humor

If I had a Christmas/New Years wish, I would wish that everybody could have a sense of humor. That's assuming they already had peace on Earth, food, shelter, etc.

So: I'm getting my hair cut after doing some shopping today, and the girl cutting my hair asked me what I would do if I won the lottery. So I said:

"I would go straight to the hospital and have an MRI done on each of my pinky toes, just so I can finally assign an accurate number to how many times I've actually broken them on coffee table legs, versus merely spraining them. The number 147 comes to mind, but that could be the painful memories seeping through."

Okay, that's somewhere between moderately funny and very funny. But she just said "Hmmm." So I figured I'd give it another shot:

"If my pinky toes were human children, Social Services would have taken them away from me long ago, and I'd probably be doing serious time."


And then she said "I would pay off my debt, buy a nice house, get a new car, put money aside for my kids' education, blah blah blah."

I decided to leave my pinky toes out of the rest of the conversation, and just said "Wise. That's very wise." :/

upperclass twits

So nice seeing the twitraces again! This is my all-time favorite Python sketch. We should watch this frequently during the republican primary season.

Pangloss was wrong.