An amazing 15 year old girl, Ava Lowrey, started working about a year ago on animations that push back at the Bush administration and the Iraq War. She has produced at least 70. I will be highlighting her work over the next several weeks as we approach Memorial Day.

Some of her work uses the same pictures put to different songs, but all of it is very powerful. Please view the following video. It will only take a few minutes. Have a tissue handy.

Video below the fold...

If you aren't outraged yet, just remember George Bush did all of this in the name of God.

Warning: This video is very disturbing. It needs to be. My message to the religious right this morning: If Jesus loved the little children of the world, why can't you.



This is why

we must remove Bush from power. He is an affront to everything we know and value in the name of peace.

Good Morning A!

I swear I posted to ya and it disappeared. Have a safe trip home.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

young people+good music=accelerated change

The encouraging thing is what seems to be an increase in creative protesting by young people in this nation. I have no direct evidence of this...it's just a gut feeling.

Angry kids and good music protesting this administration and it's policies seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately and those two things can be very powerful catalysts for change.

Hopefully we have entered a feedback loop and the sum of our actions is finally driving the engine of change.

I think the desire to protest has always been there

but they now have so many more outlets to share their feelings so that we notice them. Online activism is an outlet that wasn't available to those of us who were children of the 60s...very young children of the 60s.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

A shift from the "Me first" attitude

Well for a while I was demoralized because societal pressures during the late 70's and 80's were emphasizing to young folks an "I'm gonna look out for myself and screw everyone else" survival in the jungle mentality. The ideal of a nurturing community that looks out for all its members seemed so quaint and hippie like. The idea of the common good and helping your neighbor seemed to go down the drain. I hope I am not wrong but I do think that among the high school set that may be changing.
I do agree that the INTERNET has helped people realize they are not the only ones thinking what they think and given them an opportunity to express themselves in creative ways instantaneously to large audiences.

There was certainly pushback

and I think this experiment the conservative movement has been conducting has failed in every aspect. It has failed our economy, our healthcare system, our environment and our education system. Not only that, the moral compass of the average American isn't stronger. We aren't a more moral country I think if anything, we are less. It is now time to push back and reclaim America.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.