WTF? More secret OLF meetings?

I missed this disgusting bit of news earlier in the week, but better late than never.

Recent speculation on where the Navy may put a Super Hornet practice landing field has prompted representatives of the area around Cherry Point to ask Gov. Mike Easley for a personal meeting on the issue. A letter sent Thursday and signed by state Sen. Jean Preston, Representatives William Wainwright, Alice Underhill and Pat McElraft, asks for a meeting with Easley and Bill Ross, secretary of the N.C. Department of Natural and Economic Resources, “to share with you our perspectives on the OLF efforts.”


We respect the extremely sensitive nature of the state’s discussions with the Navy,” the letter said, so the legislators want to talk privately to offer their views and to hear “any confidential updates you could offer us about your ongoing discussions and negotiations. The OLF’s future and its impact on MCAS Cherry Point are among the most important and pressing issues in our districts,” the letter said.

Well excuse me, but what the hell are We the People supposed to be? Chopped liver? If something is extremely sensitive and our elected representatives want to know about it, what on earth should be keeping the people who pay your damned salaries from knowing about it too? Arrogant sons of bitches.

Just you wait. I'm going to call my buddy Justice Bob Orr, and if I'm lucky, you're going to have a steady stream of Art Pope-funded law suits running from now till forever on this sorry back-room scheme.


Good for One - Good for All

Guess it's time for our own secret meeting with the Gov.

Some members of the Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow group, which monitors action related to Cherry Point and the Navy Fleet Readiness Center, feel that without an eastern North Carolina landing field, two scheduled Super Hornet squadrons will not be based here.

Guess what? It was never the intention for CP to get those jets.

Even if they did - split siting like that will do one thing for those two squadrons that might make it to CP - they will be the red headed step children of the flight. Second class citizens. That's how it works. If you've ever been in the military you know what I'm talking about.

'One more maneuver like that - you're transferred to CP'.

CP will be the joke, the threat and none of those pilots will like being there. Been there, done that, seen that too.

I know who I won't be voting for :

Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue met with that group’s executive committee July 13 and advised them to be more vocal

That's right. No tickee, no votee....and everyone I know will hear the reason why.

The movie "12 O'clock high" had a great demonstration

of this.

The one star general who came in to fix the problems of the air wing forced the worst skipper of the wing to put a derogatory name on his plane and then every derilict in the wing was sent to that plane. Cant remember the name of the plane.

In the movie, this plane ended up being one of the premeire planes.

In real life, when you get shuffled of to CP, your carrier is over. What you got to lose?

Can you imagine the noise that these happy sailors are going to generate toward the people of the region? All that a pilot has to do is be 1000 feet above the highest structure within a 2000 feet radius of the plane and noone can say a dam thing about it. He can dirty up his bird (lower flaps and wheels) requiring greater power (causing more noise) and fly his craft at an attack angle that requires even more power just to stay aloft. He can do this and still not go into afterburner. If he is doing an FCLP or other mission, then hes cleared to be at a lower altitude. Remember, this guy is a derilict.....all he has to say is geee, im learning, what you expect from me? You sent me to CP as punshiment, im trying to learn how to fly my bird. case closed. you aint gonna hurt this guy anymore then he already is. The Navy will not strip him of his wings for flying within the envelope of his craft. Cant fire a guy for being a jerk either.

Yea, I want that potential in my state.

When I lived in Virginia Beach I noticed this with the pilots. Some of the planes where quiter then others. For the most part, it was the attack angle (how much the nose is pointing above the horizon) that caused this. You get them twin engines pointed downward screaming at you, yea, fun for all. In Virginia Beach, I believe it was not vendictive on the pilots point, I attributed this to just unknowing. Single guys without families I assumned where the ones doing this. Not to make noise, but because they just did not truely know the noise they where generating. The married guys would level their planes out because they knew their family was under them some times.

I Don't Know About these Planes, parm

but F-4s flew plenty with bent frames from over-G's.

Wonder how that happened, eh?

I have pictures. I've seen the proof.


Below are two stories from the Virginia Pilot

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The first article reports a public meeting that will be held tonight to discuss the proposed OLF in Southhampton Co.

The second tells the world about our elected officials reluctance to openly discuss the state's OLF proposals.

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