There's been much debate about swearing and civility since Robert De Niro slammed Trump at the Tony Award ceremony. As someone who shares De Niro's sentiment, I wanted to explore the ramifications of such outspoken language.

I realize that profanity can be off-putting. Many reasonable people say we should be taking the high road and stay out of the gutter. In general, I agree with that, but not in all circumstances. Right now, for example, we are dealing with a cabal so evil that the high road is completely beyond their reach. When we're on the high road, they're laughing at our foolishness. When we try to engage them in logical discourse, they couldn't care less. Facts don't matter to them; lies are the commodity they trade in. Democracy doesn't matter to them; fascism is their preferred governing model. And it's not just Trump. Every person who supports him, including most North Carolina Republicans, are complicit in the destruction of civility.

As I see it, we have three possible actions. We can try to engage using facts and reason, but that is a losing strategy. We can ignore our adversaries, but that gives them an inflated view of their importance. "No one is arguing with me, so I must be right!"

Or we can find a simple response, one that takes little time and almost no thought. For lack of a better approach, that's where I find myself these days. I wish I could come up with something clever or smart of brilliant or whatever that might penetrate the wall of Trumpism. If you have a suggestion, I'm open.



I think percentages are important...

There is (apparently) a 30% chunk of our population who are literally impervious to reason, who worship at the altar of Trump so religiously they can't even be shamed.

Then there is the middle, which I find very tempting to excoriate since they (seem) willing to trade off human rights violations for some nebulous idea of economic gain. But they're not what I would classify as "True Believers," meaning it's worth at least an effort to shape their thought patterns.

For some of those folks, the sheer shock of the word "Fuck" might break them from their lassitude and force them to *really* analyze what's going on. But others will be so put off by the vulgarity they will shut down, ignore the rest of the message they need to hear.

It's a tough call, but if we truly want to be advocates for particular causes, change minds that need to be changed, we need to be very careful that we don't place too much credence on what we (as individuals or groups of like-minded friends) find acceptable in written or oral communications.

That...probably doesn't help as much as I hoped it would. I can't (won't) give up the word "Fuck" entirely, because fuck that. But most of us have an "inner voice," that tells us when a particular situation is or is not appropriate for..."course" language, if you will. We may choose to purposely ignore that voice, out of frustration with a lack of progress or simply a desire to "shake things up," but don't forget Newtonian dynamics: For every action, yada yada. If we're not certain what the reaction will be, the proposed action should be looked at more closely first.

I hear you. And I agree.

I hear you. And I agree. Mostly I keep WTF language away from BlueNC. I realize that many people (including my wife) have no patience with profanity.

Your points are well taken.

We have a President ...

... who has conspired with a foreign power to steal a national election; is using his position in government to line the pockets of himself, his family, and his cronies; and who has debased the nation with racist and bigoted policies and rhetoric to the point where he set up concentration camps for refugee children.

And we're debating on whether it's appropriate to say the word "fuck"?

Seriously, people, we should have been at the "ACT-UP" level of protestors shutting down traffic by laying the streets and throwing buckets of fake blood on any of Trump's enablers when they dared to show their face in public.

And we're debating whether it's appropriate to say the word "fuck"??


I’m not debating it. I say it out loud twice a day.

I understand everyone doesn’t agree with me. We have lots of readers who have a kinder gentler approach. The may be right, but it’s not for me. I figure I make them seem reasonable by comparison.