Questions for you.

Do you do other kinds of writing besides writing on blogs? If yes, what do you write?

I'm working on a fractal thing - writing about writing about writing. You get the idea. I'd love to know what you write. And what you think about writing.



Recently started writing fiction

I've recently started writing fiction/short stories on my blog. I like to think that its in the same style as Hemingway, very sparse, very conversational. Except, you know, Hemingway was good and I'm not. But its something fun to do, and who knows, maybe I'll get better.

Say more

When do you write? Every day? Random? Do you write straight to the blog? Long hand? Microsoft Word? Something else?

Would you say your blog writing is like your fiction in terms of style?

Thanks for helping me think about this.

PS How long ago was recently? Did you blog first then start with fiction ... or vice versa ... or something else?