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My first novel will be published later this year. It is a frenzy of fun and fury that explores hope found and love lost on the North Carolina coast. Plus it's loaded with life lessons like this:

It’s mid-afternoon when the boys get back to the Jeep. They escaped the Marines mostly unscathed, though Sergeant Stone threatened to shove a broom handle up somebody’s black ass. Luke climbs into the backseat, settling in somewhere between seething and scared. Twenty mad minutes later on Sunrise Beach, he can barely stop himself from strangling the new Jesus, who has just run the only stop light on the island.

“What’s the matter with you, Markos?” screams Luke. “Are you trying to get us killed?”

“Don’t call me that.” The reckless new savior presses harder on the accelerator. "The name is Jesus."

“Okay,” snarks Luke, leaning into the front seat to yell in the new Jesus’ ear. “How about I call you s-stupid?”

The new Jesus slams on the brakes, fishtailing off Ocean Drive onto the grassy lot in front of Doug Dipper’s Pool Palace. When the Jeep slides to a stop just inches from the custom-built above-ground vinyl display pool, the new Jesus throws open the door and stomps away.

“Damn it. Will you two please stop all this arguing?” Gary rarely swears, and the damn-it pulls them all up short.

“Only if you take over being Jesus again.”

“You screamed in my ear,” yells the new Jesus.

“You ran a red light.”

“Both of you say you’re sorry,” says Gary. “Jesus?”

“I'll say it after Luke.”

Gary sighs with the weight of the world. “For heaven's sake. You’re Jesus. Blessed are they who apologize first.”


Well, that's different

the new Jesus? But he apparently isn't improved. :(

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