Wray and Garrison Tour Novozymes

Recently Representative Terry Garrison (District 32) and Representative Michael Wray (District 27) traveled outside of their districts to visit Novozymes – an international corporation with a North American headquarters in Franklinton, NC. Novozymes researches, develops, and produces the biological catalysts for many of the products we use every day; everything from bread and beer to biofuels used in our cars.

Garrison and Wray were particularly interested in all that Novozymes does to help the environment. For example, the company works with ethanol producers to manufacture ethanol-based biofuels like E15, a cleaner-burning fuel that lowers automobile emissions by nearly 50 percent. The biofuel they help produce also has displaced toxic fuel additives that have been linked to cancer and smog, helping make the air we all breath cleaner.

Novozymes also does great work in Franklinton and the surrounding area, sponsoring science programs at local schools and the area’s Special Olympics.

These representatives were pleased to see the work Novozymes is doing for the region, and both hope to be able to attract similar job creators to the 32nd and 27th districts. Many native North Carolinians work at Novozymes, and the company also attracts scientists and researchers from around the world to live and work in eastern North Carolina. Novozymes’ NC headquarters is a success story, and signals to similar companies that eastern NC is a worthwhile home.