WRAL-TV highlights Gloria Williams' fight against insurance giant

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and the Department of Insurance assist almost one hundred thousand North Carolinians every year with insurance complaints and concerns. However, occasionally consumers fight the fight themselves. Most often they don't win on their own.

But one inspiring example of a consumer who fought an insurance giant and won is at this link to WRAL-TV's special coverage that aired on August 30th. Or, you can watch the embedded news link below.

As he told WRAL-TV,

"North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin deals with thousands of insurance complaints every year. He said he knows it can be daunting to face off with a big insurance company, but says Williams' case should serve as an example.

'It’s actually inspiring, encouraging. I’m glad that we had someone like her who did put her foot down and fought on this,' he said. 'Some folks give up, but I hope this is an example of what they should do. And that’s not give up.'”

God bless you, Gloria Williams!

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