Would that our elected officials in Raleigh had this kind of dignity and decency


If just one Republican in NC Senate

... had half the courage of this Republican in Washington state, we wouldn't be facing Amendment One right now.

I'm thinking of retiring Senator Jean Preston or retiring Senator Richard Stevens.

The amendment only passed by one vote in the Senate (it needed 30 votes to pass teh 3/5 threshold, it got just 30 votes).

So any one Senator could have stopped it. But they didn't.

Anyone waxing poetic about Richard Stevens being some great moderate Republican would do well to remember his hand in Amendment One.


Nearly had one in the House

Glen Bradley told me through some e-mail exchanges we had that he, as a Republican, would stick to his Libertarian values and vote against the amendment. He proceeded to vote for the amendment in one of the votes. Here is a segment of what he said:

I am a strong believer, but I believe that marriage is solely in the dominion of God, and that any attempt on the part of government to trespass against the dominion of God is a kind of blasphemy.

I am going to take a lot of heat for opposing the marriage amendment, I know that, but whatever heat I take is worth it for the honor of standing up to reassert our Constitutional form of government.

If even the Libertarian Republican who said it would be going against the Constitution and committing Blasphemy to vote to put this amendment on the ballot, won't vote against it, it makes it harder to imagine any Republican in NC could oppose this kind of discrimination.

I would greatly like to think of myself as more of a independent-leaning guy, but it's hard when not being a bigot, and supporting fair elections feel like hyper-partisan issues.

That's courage

And a fabulous mom. Totally why we need more women in politics who will speak from their hearts.