Wos and Tucker clash over DHHS funding

Apparently it costs a lot to mismanage a state agency:

At the height of the exchange, Wos made an impassioned request for committee members to see that her funding requests have to be done, in part, “for the future of the state.”

“Don’t talk down to me,” Tucker said to Wos. “I’m responsible to the taxpayer to see if there’s any savings” in the requests. Wos, attempting a cool down, told Tucker “we will continue to give you whatever information you like. We will present our business case more accurately if this was not sufficient.”

The first step in securing "the future of the state" is for Wos to return to the only occupation she seems qualified to do, hosting dinner parties. That may not completely stop the drain on taxpayer resources, but at least they won't be sucked into the event horizon of the black hole that is Aldona Wos:

Wos and DHHS have faced significant bipartisan criticism on that issue, in particular on a controversial no-bid operations contract with Alvarez & Marsal that recently was doubled to $6.8 million.

Alvarez and Marsal has at least 17 people working on the state Medicaid contract: three principals billing $473 an hour, five directors at $394 an hour and nine analysts charging $242 an hour.

Meanwhile, about 25 percent of the Division of Medical Assistance workforce, or 332 jobs, were vacant as of August.

Eight bosses of nine analysts, every one of them being paid an astronomical hourly rate. And Republicans have the gall to complain about the administrative overhead in NC's public school system? At 40 hrs per week, 52 weeks per year, those analysts would earn over half a million dollars per year. Which I'm sure Aldona and her friends would consider poverty wages. The simple fact is, she doesn't live on the same planet as the rest of the folks at DHHS, making it impossible for her to lead them.