Worth your time and thought

Especially in view of the likelihood that the conservative Roberts court will open the floodgates for big business to buy even more elections in the future. Watch it and weep.


I"ill go with

CNN asking the hard questions Alex. Unless of course this was from a low ratings time like 3am on Sat night.


I needed that.

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

And, so, where is that money coming from? If there EVER was a reason for health care reform, er, health insurance reform, THIS is it. Those of us that pay huge premiums and/or have to struggle to pay our doctor's bills should be totally OUTRAGED at this. This money is coming from profits made at our expense by insurance companies.

I cannot believe that these numbers haven't gone across the desks of our republican congressmen and senators. Just how ignorant can they be?

Insurance companies MUST be reigned in. They are doing FAR more damage to our health care system than all of the other elements combined. I am all for capitalism and for companies to make profits, but this is ridiculous.

Thank you SO much for presenting this video clip. It just energizes me to no end.