Worst. Job. Interview. Ever.

Ripped off, with much appreciation, from Left Out Loud.

So a guy walks into my office the other day looking for high leadership position in our company.

ME: I see here on your resume that you’ve worked in a highly successful law firm in the past, and also with a large energy company. Can you tell us a little about your time at that business?

APPLICANT: I can tell you a little, but only a little. I did important things and got paid a lot of money. But I really don’t like to talk too much about that part of my life.

ME: Okay, well, the position you are applying for involves overseeing extremely large amounts of money with highly political implications, so we'd very much like to examine your personal financial records. We've learned that we can tell a great deal about a person’s integrity and responsibility levels this way. As this is such an important position in our company, I’m assuming you wouldn’t mind releasing your personal financial reports?

APPLICANT: It's really none of your business. How much money I've earned working for that law firm is not relevant to consideration of this position.

ME: Okay. Let’s try something else. If you were to be hired for this position, can you tell us what you would do to improve productivity and overall financial performance.

APPLICANT: I would make everything better with magic planning. I would cut costs while raising profits and make everything just right. You will love it.

ME: That sounds good, but how would you do that? What costs would you cut? And can you provide any specifics about policies or practices that you would implement to raise profits?

APPLICANT: I don’t think I really need to tell you that right now. You'll need to hire me first.

ME: Soooo, let me make sure I have this correct. You don’t want to go into detail about your business experience, you won’t show us your financial background, AND you won’t even tell us anything specific about how you would do the job other than "planning."

APPLICANT: You’ll just have to trust me.


The applicant's name is Pat McCrory. He wants you to trust him to run North Carolina, but he sure has heck doesn't trust you. He won't even trust you with the knowledge of how much special interests are paying him and what he's doing for that money besides running and running and running for governor.

McCrory has been relying on sugar daddy's his whole life, so much so that he's completely oblivious to the fact that HE’S the one applying for a job here.

No employer in their right mind would hire the person in the interview above. And neither should you.


I like and get what you are saying but here's what it

brings to mind ....

Why the hell can't the NCDP or the DNC hammer this point? It's a simple concept and would make an easily interpreted, cut and dried, fact check proof political attack ad. Two pictures on either side, one of Rmoney and one of McCrory, their names underneath their pics just in case any viewers aren't sure with "What are they hiding?" in big bold letters in between the pics. A few little details added in smaller font underneath. Run it in newspapers and web ads with every Dem who can get in front of a mic asking the same question "What are they hiding?" over and over and over and .....

If the political shoes were reversed that's all the R's would be talking about from last May to November. We'd also would be advised to buy etch-a-sketh stock 'cuz they would be buying them as fast as they could be made. Sometimes Dems wouldn't know a political juglar if it were hanging from their nose.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


plus there's also the complicit statewide capital press corpse. Reporters should be asking Pat McCrory one question and one question only ... but none of them will because they all want to stay on his good side in case he manages to achieve his life's ambition and become guv.

I don't think the NandO (I'm

I don't think the NandO (I'm singling them out as representative of the NC press corps) has that as motivation to not go after McCrory. Sorry, but I just don't see them cozying up to McCrory. Now it could be that they feel they need to maintain their shrinking credibility by not looking too partisan. After all, NandO would have to start asking probing questions about Dalton's deals and his lobbyist daughter to look balanced and I don't think they want to do that, either.

Here's an example of how the N&O operates

This story has a headline that would lead a reader to believe that it is about Michelle Obama. The first three paragraphs are indeed about her trip to NC, but the last two paragraphs mention Rmoney, McCrory, and "rising start" Christie, including glowing words about McCrory's economic "plan".

A completely neutral tone for Michelle Obama, but multiple positive adjectives for republicans.

The N&O uses the Fox "News" definition of Fair and Balanced.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

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I so want to make an info-graphic image out of it!!

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

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