"Worser Person in the World" attacks my campaign as "Illegal!?!"

Even as my opponent's 'Hate' remarks continue to stalk him, perhaps even to the grave as the GOP just added Robin Hayes to their "Death List" of lost causes, the flailing Republican incumbent from North Carolina's 8th District isn't going down without a fight... or a least a lie.

Multi-millionaire Robin Hayes and his close friends in the Big Oil, Drug and Insurance industries have stepped up the attacks on my campaign and very name, and folks this time it's a WHOPPER.

First let me introduce my opponent, Robin Hayes, the deciding vote for President Bush's Fast Track and CAFTA who was "flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed" to both. Actually, why don't I just allow Robin Hayes to introduce himself to you and what he's all about.

That was Hayes being caught in his first lie of the week, denying he said any such divisive thing in front of thousands of people... on tape.

Hayes' first mention on Keith Olberman this week as a result went something like this:

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who routinely calls out politicians, aired Hayes' remarks and added, “Congressman Hayes, how does it feel to be revealed to the nation as an unequivocal, indisputable, bald-faced liar?

Then in our debate Wednesday, Hayes denied denying his divisive remarks earning his spot last night as "Worser Person in the World."

Now Hayes is on the air in my District claiming of all things my campaign against him is somehow ILLEGAL!?!

It's a lie. Yet, the Republican run FCC says they won't pull any ad once approved by a candidate. What?

Folks, you know I hate to ask. We've been at this together going on three years now, and we're finally in a position to win--and hopefully by more than 329 votes. Please help me respond and challenge Hayes' attacks.

Now is the time. Help me finish this!


Enough already Robin Hayes

Thanks for all your help folks. Please recommend cross post if you get a chance.

Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

Concord folks are getting a bad deal, Larry.

We get to work hard and ship you off to Washington, and what do we get back?

Robin Hayes.

Something's fishy about this... :]

All jokes aside, I'm quite ready to have you there on my behalf. Let's do this.


I just got paid and am broke. But I chipped in a little. Good luck!