World Can't Wait - Nut Jobs or Legitimate Protestors?

While surfing the anti-Blue blogs, I came across World Can't Wait's website, in which they call for a massive protest on Oct. 5th.

They basically stand for doing something now about Bush and Company, before the 2008 election, and that Democrats will not save the country.

You can read the ad they took out in the New York Times yesterday here. (pdf)

So my question is this. Is this a legitimate avenue to express dissent against our current government? Or is it just of anarchist idiots trying to take advantage of democracy?


Of course it's legit

In the narrow sense of the word. Web site's pretty godawful, but it looks like an organization that know...exists.

But if this is just another one of those stupid marches where speaker after speaker get up on the stage and tell you all about themselves and how they relate to the cause ("I am a gay, black, lumberjack-a triple negative...and I oppose this illegal fascist regime!!!" Yay!!!) and how they really, really, believe in it, and in that oh-so-earnest voice, with that oh-so defiant look in their eyes, but the participants never bother to figure out how to link up with other concerned citizens in their communities, or how to leverage that power, or even where the nearest polling place is.....

Then I'd say it's probably ill-advised, but will at least keep a lot of idiots occupied for a Thursday in October.

They've pulled off some good campus-based

actions and seem pretty serious to me.

I like the idea of a nationwide work stoppage along the lines of a French public servant strike, but I doubt there's enough attention span in America to organize anything even remotely on that scale. But when October 5th comes, you can count on me to be in serious inaction, so to speak.

Well, the DOD

Can't even afford to buy pens and paper for the armed forces right now, or so I'm led to believe. Why not everyone head up to D.C. with a few packs of pens, post-it notes, yellow legal pads, etc.. and drop them off at the gate of the Pentagon. Probably make for a nice little event.  (Or everyone could pick a regional base--the DOD would probably just screw up distribution from a centralized point.)

When will those damn French ships be here? *GW

Then I'd say it's probably ill-advised, but will at least keep a lot of idiots occupied for a Thursday in October.* Party elite suck

George Washington never said a damn thing against King
Louie the 14 th. All he was to know was when the French
Gun boat fleet was going to arrive at Yorktown! You need
all the allies you can get to blow the " common enemy" away
in this battle for liberty against the Repubs.

I'll pass on the "allies," thanks

I suck up to no one, sweet cheeks, and least of all to a bunch of dogmatic, half-baked pseudo-radicals who can't even break out of the same tired-ass paradigm of protest long enough to read Alinsky (or so it would seem).  

You get on out there in the streets and rant and rave all you want but your message and your medium will be controlled by somebody else, and your efforts will come to nothing. You'll be marginalized, scoffed at, and written off.  It'll be too easy.

But hey, that's what you get when you take the easy way out.  The simple fact of the matter is, things are the way they are because people are unwilling to do the work that is necessary to make them otherwise.  Hell, half the activists I know spend more time wiping their asses than they do wiping away the misdeeds of this governement. The system isn't broken; it simply doesn't exist.

At any rate, I'd rather not rely on the luck of a favorable breeze, like Washington at Yorktown. Gen. Dan Morgan's tactics at Cowpens are more to my liking.


Now Col Lee, Don't come out behind the hill, Until

Gen. Dan Morgan's tactics at Cowpens are more to my liking.

YMMV.* sweet something patriot

It appears that you didn't read the part about Cannon Fodder
at Cowpens being used. You do understand the milita was
promise to fire twice and get to the back of the line,
and let the real professionals do the Beast in.


Oh, cannon fodder my ass, MaxTheDog2.  Gen. Morgan knew exactly what he was doing, and the result was a decisive victory for the Americans, perhaps even the turning point for the war.  Even something as simplistic as Wikipedia could have told you that:

According to military historians, the victory at Cowpens was so total because of Daniel Morgan's astute military tactics and bold leadership. He had possessed, they claim, an uncanny understanding of the psychology of soldiers and a firm grasp of tactical principles. Using a unique deployment of troops, Morgan planned a tactical masterpiece that made use of all his troops' strengths and used some of their weaknesses (in the case of the militia) to his advantage. Morgan’s tactical planning, as well as his clear perception of the capabilities of militia and regulars, were the defining factors ensuring his clear victory. As a result, Morgan’s victory at the Battle of Cowpens is often compared by historians, to the classic double envelopment of the Romans by the Carthaginian army under Hannibal at Cannae in 216 B.C. Geoffrey Perret, for instance, refers to Cowpens as a "flawless gem." Russell F. Weigley regards Morgan’s victory as a battlefield performance, "unexcelled and perhaps unequaled by any other officer of the American cause." T. Harry Williams has deemed it a "minor masterpiece.". "Cowpens,""was the American Cannae." Leckie then goes on to claim that "it was the glittering small gem of the Revolution, and it was brought off by an American backwoodsman who, like the great Hannibal himself, was merely adapting himself to men and terrain."

Furthermore, Ernest and Trevor N. Dupuy hold that this battle, "was probably the closest approach to tactical perfection ever seen on the American continent — a complete double envelopement, the dream of every professional soldier." The Dupuys continue to make the connection between Cowpens and Cannae: "In recent years military analysts have noted the striking resemblance of Morgan’s dispositions to those of Hannibal in one of the renowned battles of ancient history: his victory over the Romans at Cannae in 216 B.C. Whether Morgan was acquainted with this historical precedent or not, is of no significance. His own soldierly experience was sufficiently rich, and his native military genius sufficiently well-developed, for him to conceive the same idea as that of the great Carthaginian, when faced with a comparable dilemma. Like Hannibal, Morgan had a heterogeneous, largely undependable force with which he had to fight the finest regular soldiers in the world of his day."

And "Lighthorse Harry Lee" did not command the cavalry at Cowpens, William Washington did.  If you are going to slap the Pugs around, you'll need to bone up on your history!

Everybody's always going on and on about George Washington and Yorktown: George Washington this, George Washington that; Yorktown this, Yorktown that. Know what? It was Cowpens and King's Mountain, Daniel Morgan and Nathanael Greene, that made this country possible. It's the little things, you know. 

Tell you what, though. I'll let it slide if you can tell me what Karl Rove's very first big victory was as a political strategist.

Please! I am a wiz at American history dumbass!

I'll let it slide if you can tell me what Karl Rove's very first big victory was as a political strategist.* Genius Historial Party

Easy! He and R. Reed [ former Lt Gov candiate in Ga] taught a class on politics at the
University of Texas ...Austin back in the early 90's at Taxpayers
expense. Now how do you think Karl and Reed became asshole
buddies of George the 2nd....I trust the History Channel more
than Wikipedia for a review of Cowpens and the Great Flick
" The Patriot" ....So what is the point of this little debate?

ps....The History Channel series on the American Revolution
has the Battle of Cowpens tomorrow night at 10 pm for your
approval as the world's greatest authority on History.

Not much of a victory....

...hanging out with Ralph Reed.

Karl Rove got his career off to a rollicking start in TX by helping to elect pro-business Republicans to the state judiciary. He didn't worry about the state legislature, or Congress, or the governorship.  He focused on electing judges

I'll have to miss the History Channel--no cable.  Perhaps the series will make it to PBS one day. 


I've encountered World Can't Wait

activists a few the war protest march in DC last September and again in January during their first coast to coast day of protest.

You may also remember coverage of protestors being pulled out of a speech Rummy was giving somewhere in Atlanta (the same event where Ray McGovern called Rummy a liar)...those protestors were WCW activists, as evidenced by their shouts of "the world can't wait" as they were being pulled out of the room by burly security guards.

I think their message is right on the money although their aggressive delivery of that message, including their Drive Out The Bush Regime slogan, may be too edgy for most folks to latch on to.

Bush Economy

thanks for getting back on topic SD

I appreciate it. Fully.

My take on these guys are revolutionaries 1 step to early. Most Americans can't grasp giving up all their things for a cause b/c the cause just doesn't seem real enough. That is what makes them too edgy.

However I'm of the mind that the only way people notice things nowadays is by "shock and awe". Take the Truth or ONE campaigns for example. Americans need to be shaken to their core emotional or rationally before they'll notice the world around them.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.