Working from both sides of the balance sheet

Mark Warner had some choice words for the political establishment in his Washington Post op-ed piece today.

If we don’t act boldly before Aug. 2, working from both sides of the balance sheet, the smart money soon will begin to bet against us on world financial markets. Add that to financial upheaval in Europe, and you have a recipe for an economic disaster far worse than we faced in 2008.

Mark Warner is no flaming liberal. In fact, he looks a lot like old-school Republicans, back before they went bat-shit crazy. But since he doesn't speak teh bagger, here's a translation for our illiterate Republican friends: Raise some damn taxes.


Listening to Diane Rehm this a.m.,

and a writer for the Atlantic (can't remember her name), basically said if we didn't raise the debt ceiling, everything would be okay (as far as our credit rating, anyway) because government is Constitutionally mandated to make those debt payments. Even if it means cutting Federal agencies/programs by 40% or more.

Which is exactly what the Republicans who've jumped on the tea-bag-wagon are counting on.