Work the Polls - Save the World

Despite the GOP's best efforts at voter suppression, Obama will turn-out historic numbers of people to the polls.

Many of these will be first-time voters.

Many will not know that there are State House and Senate races.

Many will not know that there are judicial races, and that Republican activists will be running for the Court of Appeals.

Voters will go to the polls ready to vote for change, but not fully armed to do so. We can make sure that they have maximum impact by greeting them at the polls.

I need volunteers who can stand outside the polling place, be a friendly Democratic face, and hand out slate cards listing the Democratic candidates.

With early voting and election day voting, there are over 10,000 shifts that need to be filled.

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Not an exaggeration

It may sound like a TV tagline, but this election it's pretty close to the truth.

I might encourage volunteers to spend some timing doing two things:
a) Work the (get out the vote) phones and save the world (by deciding the presidency).
b) Then work the polls and make sure the state of North Carolina doesn't get left behind on the scrapheap, by seeing that all those folks who are coming out to vote for Obama sweep in good people for the state, judicial, and local races as well. Otherwise, we could still end up with losers on our Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Council of State. If that happens, we're still in trouble here even if the national direction gets turned around in the right direction.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

I have to echo this.

I was delighted to be greeted by two women from the Moore County Democratic Party, who handed me a voters guide that had all of the judges that were recommended listed. Now, I knew the judges that I was going to vote for, but I don't think that I'm the average voter. My son, who knew he was voting for all the (D)'s, but didn't know the judges or school board candidates was glad to get the guide that he could study while we waited in line. I can't work the early voting polls, but I'll be at my precinct all day election day.

Get out there. It's the most important work you can do. I promise.

This really works....we just got four names

from our 8th District chair. This really works.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.