Woody White: firing someone because they are gay is not unjustified

And throwing them in jail isn't either:

"Homosexuals are not suffering from injustice or inequality," White said in 1993. "The right of individuals to believe the gay lifestyle thought to be immoral and to manifest this belief by terminating the employment of gays must not be mistaken for unjustified discrimination. It is not wrong to uphold the belief that homosexual behavior is immoral."

During White's testimony, a state senator asked him, "Do you think homosexuality should be made a crime? Should homosexuals be treated as criminals in other words?" After explaining that he thought the issue should be up to each state, White said, "I come from a state in the South where it is still a crime to engage in sodomy. I would, as a personal choice, I would say, yes."

When asked about this testimony, White gave a couple of standard Republican responses: a) brought up how young he was at the time, and b) attacked his Primary opponent for digging up his dirt. But not once did he even imply that he no longer held those bigoted and crassly un-American beliefs. And the really sad part is, he'll probably pick up a few points for it.


When he ran against Julia Boseman for state senate

The weekend before the election he ran a large ad in the Star News attacking her sexual orientation. The paper withdrew its endorsement of him and Julia won where he had been leading previously.