Woodfin, NC Denys Progress Plant 7-0

After midnight last night, the town board of Woodfin gave the Buncombe County Commission a lesson in public service and denied Progress Energy a permit to build the proposed diesel power plant.
150 angry Woodfin residents sent the message loud and clear apparently, and the 7-0 vote sent another message to the County Seat.


Hot damn

This has been all over the news. Good for the town board!

Wow. . .

As a former Weaverville resident, three cheers for you guys. It's always nice when you win by a touchdown.

War is over if you want it.

Well, I don't have all your fancy-schmancy

front page hi-tech stuff, but yeah, good news for once.

Of course, stand by for the court battle now.

And we still have to keep the pressure on the BCC, because the ends don't justify the means. Not in this case.