Women on Wednesdays: Enough is enough

I wish I could talk to each of our Democratic women legislators right now, especially those who have decided not to run for reelection. I know they are discouraged and worn out, but the truth is we need them more than ever. Yet even without them, I am optimistic that we can stop the Republican Party from turning women into second-class citizens in North Carolina.

Why the optimism? It's simple. The women I know are fed up with men in government trying to interfere in their personal choices. What's more, they are speaking out and acting up like never before. From concerns about contraception and family planning to abortion rights an dequal pay, women are gearing up to push back against Republican over-reaching. And they are going to turn out in droves this fall.

It is a matter of fact that nearly 60% of those voting in November will be women. Ninety-nine percent of those women will have used some form of birth control, Republicans now want to restrict. No woman wants Pat McCrory or Thom Tillis restricting their healthcare options or making prescriptions more expensive.

Some say the Republicans are waging a bloody war on women. I don't know if that's true, but things are definitely moving in the wrong direction. Enough is enough. For all the women and girls who are here today, and for all those yet to come, it's time to put an end to the GOP assault.

Are you in?


women and women legislators

It would be nice if the General Assembly would concentrate on improving education, healthcare, the environment, etc and stop worrying about our reproductive systems.

Right you are

It would be nice, but that's not the R agenda. The men in Raleigh want to control women's health. They want to limit women's access to affordable contraception. And they are at war with Planned Parenthood.

Two thirds of all Americans have a very favorable impression of Planned Parenthood as a provider of women's health services. That's why the Komen decision was met with such outrage.

The general assembly, on the other hand, has an approval rating of approximately zero.

I personally like the fact that Republicans are picking a fight with Planned Parenthood. It is a fight Republicans will lose. Big time.

How come Bishops get to say anything about women's bodies?

They've never been faced with an unplanned pregnancy, never even had a period, period.

And,just how out of touch are they when more than 90 percent of Catholic women use birth control anyway!

Ah yes that club which they hold over our heads....

their money, so we need to swallow our pride and our ethics just to get the almighty dollar? Does the Federal Government really want to shoot themselves in the foot by eliminating the few hospitals which help the poor and destitute?

Swallow whatever you want

I thought you were all about accountability, Frank? Looks to me like you're just another hypocrite slopping at the public trough.

Yes absolutely....

and that accountability also resides with the federal government and those slippery politicians.


The government is not telling a religion what do do about religious matters. Claiming that government funded secular activities are exempt religious activities simply because they are conducted by religious people is not a valid excuse for non-compliance with secular law.

Sorry officer, it's against my religion to drive slower than the speed limit.

Well sir, the government's not forcing you to drive, or to do so on public roads.

They are telling the Catholic Church...

to violate their conciences and published church teaching (unlike your speeding example) to suit the government. In fact the government said earlier that they would make this exception so that they could get support from the Catholic Church for Obamacare. They lied, which happens often with the government.

You think so....

then I am in good company.

You didn't read the article

It took you two minutes to respond to my post, which means you didn't have time to follow the link and didn't read the article referenced (which directly contradicts your lie about contraceptive coverage).

In common parlance, this would be called a knee-jerk reaction, but in your case, you can delete the word "knee."

Just to say it, this sort of behavior falls dangerously close to being "intolerably obnoxious." If you want to participate here, read comments before you respond to them. Otherwise, you're no better than a spamming robot.

I disagree it does not contradict squat.

That proposed end around will still not be acceptable and is still a case of the federal government sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.

I skimmed the article and found it to be more sleight of hand gimmicks which I've seen a lot of from Obama.


Personal freedom

Nobody is telling individual Catholics to use birth control. The provision of access to birth control as part of a health plan is a gender equality issue. It's also complicated because some procedures and treatments have multiple purposes, particularly those intended to regulate and enhance fertility.

I picked an example of speeding to avoid reference to any specific religion or tenet. For Rastafarians ganja (marijuana) has sacred purpose but its use is banned by the federal government. Certain Amish people are exempt from paying into Social Security because they don't believe in "insurance" but that doesn't mean they can hire a non-Amish person without deducting the correct taxes.

The Catholic Church doesn't believe in divorce, and still recognizes previous marriages than have not been annulled. That doesn't mean the Church decide on its own, based on "conciences and published church teaching" which dependents of a hospital employee to cover in a health plan. This contraception coverage issue has not been much of a problem until it became media fodder. The Church as an institution is being very selective about what bothers its conscience. I don't believe the Church as a body of people has a conscience problem with this.

Not every activity engaged in by a religious person or institution is uniquely religious, and one persons freedom to practice religion ends when it interferes with another's individual freedom to practice, or not practice, religion in a different way. As with the Amish and Rastafarians the courts have decided where those boundaries lie in order to maximize individual freedoms in accordance with the constitution.

Business Advantage?

Let's see......Catholic owned hospital doesn't have to pay for birth control coverage for employees, yet a private own hospital does. So why do the Catholics get a business advantage over others?