'Women running for Congress in record numbers'

“Not since the so-called Year of the Woman in 1992 have we seen such a leap in the number of women stepping forward to contend for Congressional seats,” said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers, which tracked the candidacies. Eighteen women are running for the Senate, breaking 2010’s record of 14, and 163 are up for House seats, the most since 2004, when 141 women made bids.

Democratic women candidates greatly outnumber Republican women running for the US House and Senate. Even if all these newbie candidates were to win, women would still be underrepresented.

In a story from NY Times' Caucus, there is also news about the governors races:

After this year’s elections, however, more Republican women will preside over governor’s mansions than Democrats. Of the six women currently serving as governors, the terms of the four Republicans are not up this year, and the two Democrats declined to run for re-election. Maggie Hassan, who won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday, is the only woman in the country running for governor. If she loses, the Rutgers researchers noted, there will be no Democratic women serving as governors for the first time since 1996.