Woman-To-Woman GOTV In NC

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NC Women VOTE Woman-to-Woman Letter Writing

We have a terrific effort going in North Carolina to get out the women's vote. It involves hand writing a letter to targeted women voters--the ones who are infrequent or new voters. We are urging them to vote and, of course, vote with us on November 6.

We include all the early voting information, candidate info and we give them a flip card to help them through the judiciary races as well as the straight ticket which because of redistricting is confusing. The card includes all the early voting times and places and we add, depending on the precinct, the November 6 voting place.

To quote from Durham Women Votes:

In 2008, women helped turn NC blue by writing letters to infrequent women voters in Durham.  We turned out 61% of our 21,180 letter recipients which translates to 12,919 votes. President Obama beat Senator McCain by 14, 692 votes in North Carolina.

This is a proven effective tactic. We can use those of you who come from "safe" states or others from North Carolina who might be unaware of this project to help us write these letters. As I have said to my voters--the choice could not be more stark. Those of you with time and energy go to this site or here and register to write. Early voting starts October 18 so time is short. We can keep NC blue!

[now for my editorial commentary --highacidity]

You can help get the swing state of North Carolina in the D column this November. We need women, no matter where you live, to write letters explaining why you believe this election has huge implications for all women in America. You'll be writing to North Carolinian women individually. Hence the phrase Woman-to-Woman, because it is!

Yes, it is that important. We can do this. Woman to Woman.


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You're both more than welcome

One of the things I miss about having a lot of extra time on my hands was the freedom to get lost for a few hours over at D-Kos. You could spend all day reading fantastic stuff just from the Kossacks who live in NC. And it's a good bet, when I think I've got a hot scoop, someone (or several someones) over at Kos has already covered it deeply.

As far as not writing very many diaries, please keep one thing in mind: You're not competing with anybody, you know? When you see other writers post extensive expose's with multiple sources, it can make you feel like a few paragraphs of your own just won't measure up.

But the truth is, if something needs saying, it needs saying. Even just a handful of words can be powerful stuff, but you gotta put 'em out there.

Thank you for the welcoming words.

Sometimes I absolutely have to write about something, then I do… but it doesn't happen very often at all. In the eight years I've been at dKos, I haven't written too many diaries. Several have been connected with some art I've made for particular purposes, the biggest one being that awful overview of New Orleans flooded after Katrina, with Norquist's bathtub quote at the top. I love it when people can actually use something I put out there.

I do visuals better than prose ;-)

I'll try to think about writing more often. And Marihilda I'm sure will be here when she gets a breather.

-- another not-so-newbie North Carolinian ;-)

This is the second election

I have participated in this letter writing campaign. It's very satisfying to write from the heart and reach someone you don't know. I imagine it's nice to get a hand written message in this flurry of political ads and signs and billboards. Women are a majority so we can change the world if we communicate with each other and vote like our lives depend on it.

This is a good way to help out if phone banks and door to door doesn't work for you.