WNCNN Episode 4 - "Desperation"

WNCNN - Where Western NC Comes For Its God Fearin News!After a one-week "mid-season hiatus" where the boys in the editing room decided to put together a Hal Needham-style "blooper reel" rather than assemble an entire episode (the evidence of which can be seen here), WNCNN, Western North Carolina's source for God Fearin' News is back with their fourth episode!

In it, our hard-hitting news team delves into Congressman Charles Taylor's behind-the-scenes fundraising activities, and catches a true act of desperation on camera. Later on, anchor Johnny Joe Rockslide introduces a new segment called "What Does a Tourist Think?", where he solicits the opinion of Ruth Schwartz from Long Island, NY after giving her 15 minutes to do research on the Internet, and the WNCNN staff pays tribute to the embattled Congressman with a touching and heartfelt music video.

Part One:

Part Two:

Coming next week - what will surely be our most controversial episode yet. Trust us on this...

Until then, stay tuned... and enjoy!

(Also, a recommendation @ MyDD & Daily Kos would be spectacular if ya'll can swing it)



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“All the world's a stage,
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So enjoy the Drama.


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"Keep the Faith"

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