Witness Wednesday photo blog

I spent today with the Democracy North Carolina legislative day of action and the NAACP Witness Wednesday. Here is a little of what I saw while going to rallies, seeing civil disobedience, watching the legislative sessions in action, and meeting with elected officials to talk about voting rights, tougher campaign finance disclosure laws, and other important issues.


News coverage

I'm sure there will be more on the evening news, but here's some of what I've seen so far:


"It is the great witness of those who died before us and who fought before us that is the ultimate critique on the immoral and extreme legislation coming out of this General Assembly and out of the Governor's Office," Barber said. "When you attack poor people, when you attack voting rights, when you attack the most vulnerable, that's wrong. Their blood speaks."


Over 400 have been arrested in six weeks of protests. Wednesday, Barber said seven more had volunteered to be arrested. The first to go was Guilford County Commissioner Carolyn Coleman who was taken away in her wheelchair.


Protesters said they were arrested as a symbol to all who died in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s.


I'm sitting in the house gallery, almost behind the chandelier, taking notes.