Without a single shot fired...

Our nation has sent millions of us to fight in wars because, they said, if we didn’t our nation would be overtaken by brutal authoritarian dictators, we’d lose our right to vote, our freedoms, and self-determination. We’d be enslaved, persecuted, like so many others. Tens of thousands of us died fighting Nazis, Fascists, Communists and the like. WWII, Korea, Vietnam…and now Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, the brutal truth is that without a single shot being fired, we’ve lost our democracy. Millions are being persecuted because they’re black or brown or poor or gay, or aren’t “Christians” or natural born citizens. Children are living in tents or cages. The GOP has gerrymandered our votes so they have far less than fair value. They’ve lied, cheated, and stolen elections to maintain and increase their power. As I write this, the GOP is suing in Arizona and Florida to stop the count of provisional and mail-in ballots that may turn the tide against them. Georgia, Texas, and Florida have become cesspools of voter suppression and skullduggery. Our own President is corrupt, lies incessantly, is bilking taxpayers of $Millions, inciting violence, and attempting to muzzle the press. And the GOP controlled Congress has refused…refuses…to correct these problems. Our own NC GOP legislators are equally complicit...and in fact instigators of stealing our democratic process and the idea of fair play and a level playing field. They have no shame...and we're all paying for it in our daily lives. Dirty water, unfair taxes, subsidizing Duke Energy stockholders with higher energy costs to pay for their profitable mismanagement of coal ash. $46 Million to pay for filtering out Chemours poisons. In short, we're being screwed. Anyone who thinks "protesting" is going to cause these assholes to change is naive. They will never voluntarily fix the problems they've purposefully, and for their own benefit, created. Never! So, we are faced with the same dilemma our nation faced just prior to the Civil War. It was unthinkable that we should resort to violence. Surely, men and women of good will and decency would see that maintaining a social and economic system based on keeping others in chains was wrong. Surely, they would! But they didn't. And on one fine day in April 1861, a group of "patriots" from that bastion of Southern tradition and gentility, The Citadel, fired on Fort Sumter. An act of treason. And so, it started. I have no idea what the opening shot will be as we now again face rampant political corruption and social and economic injustice in America. But, it's coming. Count on it.



Thank you, Stan

I feel so discouraged these days I can hardly bring myself to think about the tragedy we're facing. And to have such a miserable delegation of Congressmen from our state. Disgusting.

Great summary, Stan

And the fact that none of it is an exaggeration is breathtaking. And the fact that news reports which include a much watered-down version of the above are still deemed "fake news" by a startling percentage of our population is even more frightening.

It's happening right before our eyes, and half of America either doesn't believe it or doesn't care.