Witch hunt?

The N&O has a story this morning that explores donations to Richard Moore from lawyers the Treasurer's office does business with. In my view, it's all smoke and no fire. Every important lawyer in North Carolina gives money to politicians at all levels.

"There are no conflicts," Moore said in a recent interview. "The state of North Carolina has got good value and services from these folks. If they have chosen to be politically active, that is their decision. I think you'll find those firms are politically active with every single statewide officeholder, or many of them."

As many of you know, I lean toward Beverly Perdue for governor. I even supported her with contributions last year. But that doesn't mean I like seeing Richard Moore slammed with a hit piece like this by the N&O.

Moore said that the political donations don't influence who gets the state's legal business. "I'll take the old Ronald Reagan line," Moore said. "When people are giving to my campaign, they are signing on as an endorsement of me. It's not the other way around. I'm not endorsing them."

This scrutiny of Moore's fundraising is starting to feel like a witch hunt to me. The Treasurer's office needs to do business with lawyers, and Moore is spreading that business around to lots of different firms. All the qualified firms are politically active. From everything I know, Richard Moore is an ethical man.


Every firm

That they mentioned gives HUGE amounts of money to candidates. The N&O's shitty story could have at least mentioned the amount of money these people give to other candidates who DONT do business with their firms. I would put money on them giving more to other candidates, but they wont mention that because they have to destroy Moore.

Screw the N&O.

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"Keep the Faith"

Two steps ahead, two steps back

I've been happy lately with the N&O editorial pages, but the news side is still an enigma to me. Same with Barbara Barrett of McClatchy. Every now and then they do something really brilliant and thoughtful. And then there's crap like this.

I suspect this will be the first of many "contributions" stories now that first quarter numbers are in.

You're writing some of those stories, right?


Why is

the N&O out to get Moore? Is this a longstanding thing?

Or, maybe

they're just out to sell papers, and don't care who goes down in the process? Just guessing, probably others here have real info, either way.

Slow down

While I agree this seems slanted, maybe the credit should go to the Perdue camp for working the hell out of the story. If you make it news, the newspaper will report it. The Perdue folks have been working on this for weeks so that they could build it to a 'newsworthy' level. I'm sure Jay Riffe and Co. will hit back just as hard in the upcoming year.

There is also a little silver lining to this dark cloud: maybe the N&O's ranting and 'witch hunt' will help further spark conversation about campaign finance reform. It will only be so long before folks figure out that what Richard Moore does in terms of fundraising EVERYONE does in terms of fundraising. Shocker, right?

The more credit you're willing to give the Perdue camp

the more credit you have to take away from the N&O. They've long allowed themselves to be mouthpieces for the John Locke Foundation. And now you're saying their stories are planted and cultivated by campaign staff.

It's one thing to get a call from Riffe or whoever is on the Purdue side with a tip about a story angle. It's a whole 'nother thing to run with the story and position it on the front page of your online edition.

Sure hope you're right about that silver lining though.

But actually...this could be good - have a silver lining of its

own. Gregflynn helped call the Moore camp on the story they were trying to plant and now if this is a Perdue plant we give it daylight. Maybe both camps will learn that planting negative stories is baaaad.

I wonder if Greg can dig up whether this really is a Perdue plant?

I have to admit that I like Moore's responses to just about everything. He is pretty upfront and what he says makes sense and the facts back him up.

I also believe that the N&O needs to be taken to the woodshed over their habit of creating news where there is none.

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