Wise commentary about modern racism

Every single one of these facts in this diary is shameful, but the aggregated collection is a massive insult to what our country is supposed to stand for. If I were a black person today, I feel quite certain that I would be a domestic terrorist, destined to trade blood for freedom. The fact that I'm not a domestic terrorist suggests that, like every other white person I know, I am fundamentally racist. How on earth did we get so screwed up?



What a collection. That had to take several days to compile. Well worth bookmarking, too.

Intelligent Racism Oxymoron

Racism is nothing more than a tool to control the idiotic sheeple (sheep people). I've never met an intelligent racist because they don't exist. One must rise above this intellectual sissyism and see it for what it is, pure nonsense. What is it with eugenics that seems to fascinate the so-called, self professed 'progressive' today? It is a dead science that makes about as much sense as we were all created by little green men from another planet. Puh..lease...!