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In the battle of ideas, Progressives blew the Conservatives out of the water. The "most liberal United States Senator" was elected decisively by a broad and diverse coalition of Americans.

President-Elect Obama was delivered a mandate in the voters' rejection of the conservative movement and the Republican Party. Specifically, voters rejected the economic policies and the incompetent governance of conservatives.

There will be much to talk about in the coming days as we sift throughthe exit polling data. But for now, think about this. The two most memorable Republicans in this campaign cycle are Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. Nothing says more clearly that Republicans are a small, white, Christianist, regional rural party...out of touch with mainstream America and bereft of ideas...than these two fake culture warriors.

Or, you can just look at this map which shows which counties nationwide trended Democratic in the 2008 election in comparison to 2004.