Winning Election to the State Executive Committee of the NCDP

The State Executive Committee is the governing body of the North Carolina Democratic Party. The SEC:

  • Elects the NCDP chair.
  • Elects delegates to the DNC.
  • Votes upon changes to the NCDP platform.
  • Votes upon resolutions to inform (or censure) elected Democrats.
  • Approve the Bylaws/Constitutions of State Auxiliaries.
  • Receive and approve the NCDP budget each year.
  • Consider petitions for alternative methods of organizing precincts.

The SEC is composed of people like you. There are over 600 members of the SEC. Below is a short guide on how you can seek election to the SEC.

General Advice

Learn and Prepare: Only run if you are interested and have the time to commit to it. Call your County Party and get informed on when and where the meetings will be held and what the responsibilties are. Ask any questions you might have.

Publicity: Show up to the meetings and speak to those who will be voting for you. It is very helpful if you have little flyers with your picture and why you want to run (be brief). Shake hands with people and introduce yourself. If they don't know you, how will they know how wonderful you are and why they should vote for you?

At your Precinct Meeting

What to do: Show up and run for County Convention Delegate.
This isn't required to run for the SEC, but it is recommended to do this so you can vote for yourself at the County Convention when you run for the SEC, and so you meet other Democrats who you can ask to vote for you too.

When and Where: Precinct Meetings have not happened yet this year! To find out the date and location of your precinct meeting, contact your County Party.

Rules: 5 democrats from your precinct must show up at your precinct meeting for the precinct to successfully organize. Bring your Democrat neighbors (who live in your precinct too)! Ask how many delegates your precinct is alloted for the County Convention, and run for one of these delegate slots.

At your County Convention

What to do: Run for State Executive Committee Member

When and where: County Conventions are usually held in April. For the date and location of your Convention, contact your County Party.

What happens at the Convention: Among other things, at the County Covention, delegates will elect the members of the state executive committee (SEC) to which the county is entitled. Candidates for SEC must be Democrats who live in the county. Each County is alloted a different number of SEC members. [Reference: NCDP Plan of Org, page 24, section 5.01, subsection "Order of Business – Odd-Numbered Years." Link to PDF:]

Who votes: Only County Convention Delegates (elected at preceding Precinct Meetings).
Who much does the vote count? Voting is weighted by the number of registered Democrats in each precinct, as well as other factors. [NCDP Plan of Org, page 25, section 5.02]