Wingnut here in Charlotte apparently thinks 47 percent of North Carolinians aided and abetted treason

Thought I'd share an example of the tail-end thinking still prevalent here in Charlotte. I saw this in a parking lot Sunday afternoon:

So I guess by this wingnut's logic, 47 percent of North Carolinians and 51 percent of all Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting treason? That's about the only conclusion I can draw. Then again, some of them apparently wanted to hold treason trials for Democrats if Romney had won.


wing nuts

The photo of the truck and the sign says it all. After 30 years of being a Republican I have to say I am ashamed to even be associated with this kind of ignorance so much so that I left the party in 2001. I am not alone. This party needs to die out and go the way of witch trials, the inquisition and the use of leaches in medicine. Morons have completely taken over.