"Wingnut Blowback"

Little Patty McHenry is so scared of loosing his job that he has put up a post at the RedState blog. He is begging all freepers to fill out and return their census forms.

Anyone who tells you that this year’s census is unconstitutional and that you are not required to fill out the form completely is flat out wrong. They argue that because this year’s census asks for more than a simple count of how many people live in your home, it is unconstitutional and therefore should not be completely filled out. That argument doesn’t stand up to either history or the Constitution’s text

Now doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy? Little Patty, the "American Patriot" as he calls himself, is afraid that the lunacy of Bachman telling her constituents that this is an evil ploy will rub off on his constituents. Although if you do follow the link to his 'modest' post, you'll see that he swears that no one, absolutely NO ONE has ever "advocated a direct boycott" of the census.

No one has advocated a direct boycott of the census but there have been calls to only partially fill out census forms – even though that would be a direct violation of federal law. Those calls are the problem. They feed a climate of mistrust in the census and need to be refuted. Unless conservatives understand how important it is to participate in the census, that climate will result in fewer conservatives being counted and hand Nancy Pelosi more congressional seats.

I'll now join Little Patty and promote the US Census, it is important even if it doesn't hand Congresswoman Pelosi more congressional seats.