Win the vote! -- to expose GOP's illegitimate control of legislature

BlueNC posted my Oct 14 N&O "Win the vote" article, urging Democrats to let no legislative district go without a Democratic challenger. I have updated and sent the article to newspapers around the state. It ties in "Win the vote" with lieutenant governor candidate Holly Jones' effort to recruit candidates for every legislative district. By amassing a larger overall vote than Republicans, Democrats show their voter support across the state and can expose and delegitimize the GOP's gerrymandered control of the General Assembly. It's been published or accepted by 10 newspapers, so far.



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PS I love what Holly's doing and how she's approaching the campaign.

Yes, times ten

Having a Dem challenger for every seat is necessary, for several reasons. Not only will it encourage more D votes for statewide elections, it will also energize the grass roots and grow the Party in previously written-off districts. It's hard to get excited when your ballot has unchallenged Republicans on it.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.