Wilson Wingers Duck Bush

Singing the praises of Abraham Lincoln and Ronnie Raygun, the GOPers in Wilson had a coming out event last night. You wouldn't know from this story that their party happens to control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Can't blame them, really. Bush and Rove are a toxic stench that pervades the entire Republican Party: no competence, no integrity, and no interest in the common good.

Often citing Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln, the candidates for state legislature, the judiciary and county offices stressed their qualifications for the positions.

I wish I had been there . . . it would have been like being on the Andy Griffith show:

David Godwin, candidate for sheriff, said Sheriff Wayne Gay has been in office too long. He said after 24 years of service, it's time for some new blood. He told the crowd he would go after all levels of crime with vigor — from dog theft to murder.

Ummmm . . . isn't that what any sheriff is supposed to do?

But of course, things eventually got down to same-old, same-old . . . vague promises to run the state better and attract conservative Democrats.

"We can win national elections in this state, but we can't win the statewide elections, and we should," Senator Fred Smith said. "If we want to see some real change in this state, we need to work together to win the elections. And there are plenty of conservative Democrats we can reach out to and bring into the fold."

Attention Wingnut Leadership: Even conservative Democrats expect competence in their government. And the GOP record in Congress right now reveals such breathtaking ineptitude that I strongly recommend you consider switching parties.

You see, Republicans hate government. Which might explain why they suck at it so badly.