Wilmington professor censured by his fellow faculty members

His right-wing online rants are out of control:

On Sep. 15, 2016, the Daily Wire published an article by Adams – “Queer Muslim Jihad?” – that publicly named and lampooned a student, Nada Merghani. Students and graduates of UNCW have since called for his removal and have circulated a petition to that end.

Referencing these events, Friday’s statement from Adams’ colleagues stated, “We value freedom of speech and neither endorse nor support recent public statements or actions that have resulted in the harassment and discriminatory treatment of students.” The statement goes on to affirm the professors’ ethical obligation to respectful and dignified treatment of students without regard to how those students identify themselves.

It's plain as the nose on your face that UNC-Wilmington is unwilling or unable to exert any control over this dude. And now he's endangering the lives of students, just to feed his infamous reputation. But where are NC's faux-Libertarian pundits, who engaged in a campaign to destroy the career of Gene Nichol for writing OpEds in the News & Observer and other publications? Crickets. As for his use of anti-LGBT rhetoric, his disingenuous excuse is, "They use the word, why can't I?"

When asked about his article and accusations of hate-speech, Adams said:

“The word ‘queer’ is at the heart of the problem, right? The idea that if it’s in the department title or the organizations name, then it’s okay, and if someone else uses it, it’s not. That’s really problematic. What are we doing here? Why are we selectively advancing this word? It cuts right to the heart of the issue, which is thought control. We’re saying that ‘we know your thoughts,’ and that some people are using this word for empowerment and some people are using it as hate-speech and it’s unconstitutional.”

It's all about context, you idiot. When you constantly attack and defame a group of people, everybody knows your intent when you throw the word "queer" in there. And that intent is to ridicule and marginalize, something a teacher should never do to students. The irony is, this guy is still acting the victim, even after UNC-W has rolled over and surrendered, allowing him to say whatever the f**k he feels like saying.

Oh, and here's another dose of blatant hypocrisy: He says he's going to sue his fellow faculty members for defamation, because they wrote a letter. Not about him, mind you, his name wasn't mentioned; but about his actions. So he is able to verbally attack a student by name, on a national Internet platform, and that's okay. But when others write a letter that *does not* mention his name, well. That's grounds for a lawsuit. IOKIYAR