Willie Brown Execution May Be on Hold

I have no extra knowledge of this case, but WRAL has a great story on the possible stopping of the execution of Willie Brown. The gist of which is:

A federal judge said he will stop an execution scheduled for later this month unless state officials tell him by Wednesday how they will ensure the inmate is unconscious as he is being put to death.



You have the lottery and the death penalty up for discussion today -- both of which are insane for totally different reasons.


PS It's time to push for a law that would require high-noon executions on Saturday in the public square. Fuck a bunch of being unconscious. If we're going to have a society that condones capital punishment, that society should have to witness the consequence of its choices.

Great Point Anglico!

After reading the Wral story I had the same thoughts! However, I also beleive that the law to do this should include clild molesters & Rapeist also!