Will you take the COVID 19 Vaccine when your turn comes up?


A few of my friends have posted

similar questions on Facebook, and I was surprised at how many said "no" or wrote a long-winded list of qualifications they would need before taking a vaccine. Apparently there are a lot more epidemiologists and virologists out there than I thought...

It depends

The vaccines have come out quickly without the larger, longer-term studies we see with these things. So I'm approach it with a bit of caution - the allergic reaction they recently found in the UK is a good example.

By the time it rolls out to the larger population, we will have had a few (or many) months of the vaccine being given to different populations, which might surface problems with people in certain groups or with some conditions that have side effects we haven't seen yet.

So, personally, as someone with some pre-existing health issues I need to consider, I could answer this question then, but not right now.

I'm not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just trying to be realistic here - I'll take the advice of my doctor after there's more information available on how things are going with the vaccine. There are multiple vaccines in the pipeline and it could be that one is more appropriate for me than another.