Will Roy Cooper shed a tear for NC's gays and lesbians?

Last week, news outlets covered the tearful statement by Kentucky's attorney general where he said he could not defend that state's ban on gay marriage. Meanwhile, as NC's Amendment One is challenged in court, our own attorney general has remained silent.

Will you join the attorney general of Kentucky, Mr. Cooper, and do the right thing? Or will liberals be too embarrassed to cast a vote for you in the governor's race in 2016?


We've long since passed the point

where integrity, personal values and doing the right thing matter. Except for a very few (Elizabeth Warren comes to mind), it's all triangulation. And in that sordid practice, Cooper is a master.

That said, McCrory is worse by far. The 2016 race will come down to who has managed to piss off the fewest number of people.

He'll get a chance to respond to this question

on the campaign trail if he doesn't respond sooner, at events that allow public Q&A, on twitter, on facebook, on any live blogs, etc. Why defend it discrimination if you oppose discrimination and if the US Attorney General has instructed you not to defend discriminatory marriage bans?

I refer to my previous answer re Cooper and LGBT issues

from a previous thread about this topic...

He got the politically naïve leadership at Equality NC to fete him last year before he did one damn thing this decade for LGBT rights -- and three years before his next election.

Why should he do something like uphold his oath to the US Constitution (namely the 5th and 14th amendments) when he gets praise from Equality NC for doing nothing?