Will opposition to fracking be taken seriously?

Given the record of GOP leaders in North Carolina, it's hard to imagine they actually give a damn about what regular people think, regular people like Nick Davis who spoke at the Chatham public hearing last night.

“The fossil fuel industries are like drug dealers, Davis said. “They don’t want us to quit. They don’t want us to get well. They don’t want us to find sustainability. I charge our legislators and the governor to find some courage and tell them to go home.”


Hydraulic Fracturing in North Carolina

Oil, and energy research conglomerates ha e come to North Carolina with their checkbooks open, and representatives from both parties have rushed off to Pennsylvania for the PR show. Topographical effects of diesel engines are not the threats associated with this extreme form of drilling, and never has been. The threat comes from the toxic chemicals used subterraneously that find their path into underground water systems, and localized tremblors from hydraulic strip mining process itself. Without financially backing new democratic opposition opponents for our state legislature now; hydraulic fracturing will become the reality, along with flaming tap water, anti-freeze contamination to our acquirer systems.
The time is now, and May's ballot results determine the future for Fracking.

David W Moore
House District 74