Will NC Republican candidates terrify Democrats into voting?

Gallop's poll out yesterday continues to tout their generic ballot where Republicans lead Democrats by 15 points. With some of the candidates Republicans are fielding, I'd leave names off too...especially in North Carolina where it appears the knuckle-draggers, mouth-foamers and head-spinners all lined up to run.

Our current crew of Republican congressional candidates is so far right of the average North Carolina voter it prompted Salon to include two of them in their list of the "10 most terrifying would-be congressmen." That's right, Renee Ellmers and Ilario Pantano from NC were selected as two of the ten most terrifying candidates running for congress.

Ellmers who is running against Rep. Bob Etheridge foams and froths about what she calls the "Victory Mosque" at Ground Zero. Of course, she fails to show as much passion for North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District or the people who live there.

If you think Ellmers sounds terrifying, consider Ilario Pantano, the ex- wall street exec and ex-marine

who became a hero on the right after a 2004 incident in Iraq in which he killed two unarmed prisoners -- firing up to 60 rounds at them from close range, then placing a sign with a Marine slogan next to their bodies.

Charges were dropped for lack of evidence. Yeah...that tends to happen when all the witnesses are conveniently dead.

Finally, if that isn't enough to terrify you into getting out and voting Democratic, there is always the picture of Sue Myrick and Harold Johnson making out at the 81st Mallard Creek Barbecue. Ewwwww. OK, OK....so she was really just trying to talk directly into his ear....but I made you look.

So, folks, as distasteful as voting for some of our more conservative Democrats might be we had best get our fannies out in droves to see that they make it back to Washington. If you haven't voted, please pick up two to three of your friends and take them with you to the polls tomorrow.


hahaha...ok...freudian slip

that I spelled Democrats...Demorats. Sigh

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I looked at that photo.

Sue is trying to kiss Harold and he's about to throw up!

Sweet Union Dem

They did me

Okay, I would have voted anyway, but I was still terrified. ;O

Scared indeed

I've gotten a surge of emails from people who had decided not to vote ... but are now promising to get out there tomorrow. Hope it's not too little too late.