Will Karl Rove Kill Again?

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That had to be like a cold bath, having Kissinger fess up and admit that Iraq is beyond a winnable solution. Of course, we have said that before, for almost FOUR years now.

Kissinger back in the Vietnam days leaned to (or wallowed in) the bloodthirsty side.

Following the release of recent declassified Nixon and Ford administration documents relating to US policy toward South American and East Timor, officials in France, Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Argentina have sought him for questioning in connection with suspected war crimes such as Operation Condor. This may explain his lack of international travel.

Operation Condor was a campaign of counter-terrorism and intelligence operations implemented by authoritarian right-wing governments that dominated the Southern Cone in Latin America from the 1950s to 1980s, heavily relying on numerous assassinations. The systematic counter-terrorism aimed both to deter Marxist influence and ideas disseminated in the region and to control active or potential subversive elements against these governments. This organized counter-terrorism caused an unknown number of deaths, due to the covering up of the different governments involved.

So when a veteran of mass slaughter like Kissinger throws up their hands and writes off Iraq, you know the goose is cooked.


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