Will Josh Stein continue his fight to keep state employee from having OAH hearing?

On May 18, 2017 Administrative Law Judge Julian Mann, III sent notice to me and NC Assistant AG Joseph Finarelli a 'Notice of Contested Case and Assignment'.

This was in response to my request to have a hearing to contest that I was improperly reclassified by Governor McCrory as 'managerial exempt' even though I managed no people, no programs, never met anyone from the McCrory administration, and, after I was fired, the McCrory administration did not ask me to turn over a single file or document.

It is now up to Josh Stein and his Assistant AG Joseph Finarelli to submit, by June 18, 2017 'a copy of the document constituting agency action, which caused the filing of the Petition'.

As I have posted before, I fully expect that Stein and Finarelli will file for a Stay.

As a good friend of mine said tonight: Why would Stein fight against you for your right to a hearing?

If anyone on this blog knows him, ask him.

Joe Vincoli (aka Gregor Samsa)