Will Joe Boylan Represent Moore County?

I have been doing some research on Joe Boylan. After attending the debate between Boylan, Galloway and Shaver, there was something he said that piqued my interest.

“I believe that most of my contributions have come from individuals.” To find out if this was correct, I went to the State Board of Elections (SBOE) website. They have this really nifty tool there, “View Campaign Finance Reports”. You just fill in a name and go to their disclosure reports.

The “individual” contributions do in fact out number the PAC and "other" contributions. Let’s look a little closer. His total individual contributions add up to $77,933.59, of that sum only $19,091.52 were donated by Moore County residents.

Over at Mr. Boylan’s website, on his "Endorsements" page, he has a very impressive list of people and Political Action Committees. Yet there is no mention of James A. Pope, John W. Pope or Joyce W. Pope who each gave $4,000.00. Was that an just an oversight Mr. Boylan?

Let’s go back to Mr. Boylan’s endorsements page. Under “Organizations” he proudly lists “Americans for Tax Reform”. This “non-profit” is now under investigation by the Senate Finance Committee.

(from Reuters) Five conservative nonprofit groups laundered money and wrote opinion pieces for disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and sold their influence with U.S. government officials, according to a Senate report.The Senate Finance Committee said in the report released on Thursday that the five groups probably violated their tax-exempt status by working closely with Abramoff, the lobbyist at the center of a growing corruption scandal.

My question still stands, “Will Joe Boylan Represent Moore County?

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Thank you Gregflynn

for your help with this.

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Momo, I heard him say the same thing....

...and was caught between shock and laughter, as was much of the audience. Your research on this is spot-on. I'm disgusted with the amount of "outside" money attempting to influence the vote of little ole Moore County. It's rather undignified, obnoxious, and in my opinon, unethical.

In answer to your question, even if he were elected, I doubt that Joe Boylan will represent Moore County. Among his other comments that night - he stated that illegal immigration was a big cause for the overcrowding of schools, and that if he could, he would "build a wall around NC" to keep them out. However, even as he stated this, he allowed as how it would probably never pass. They had enough trouble passing the anti-immigrant wall on the federal level.

My favorite comment of his, however, was that "lobbyists are good resources". This comment was echoed by the Corpse of Howard Coble - so I assume that it's a Republian talking point.

By contrast, unaffiliated candidate Gerald Galloway took full command of the debate, I thought, with clear answers, well thought out positions, and an amiable, confident style. Boylan kept checking his watch and his notes, and seemed nervous. Several times he got "off message" , stumbled and had to find his way back in his notes. Shaver has a forthright, to the point style that I admire, although his politics leave me less than cold. At least, however I know his money has come from within the district.

I'm looking forward to the next debate scheduled between the three candidates for NC House 52, next Monday at Sandhills Community College. Are you going, Mo? I think we might be able to take video of this one, I'm not sure.

And I will be happy to celebrate on the evening of November 7th when the seat formerly held by Richard Morgan belongs to a man who truly knows and understands Moore County. Gerald Galloway is the only choice that makes sense.

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Robert's right, it should be an LTE

I haven't had much luck in the past few weeks getting LTE's into the Pilot. I think Mr Bouser has had enough of me. I've passed the Progressive Discussions posting on to "the troops", and asked them to comment on it - if it gets enough play on M's blog there, along with an LTE or two, we might get a story out of it. We'll see.

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