Will Duke Energy try to force customers to pay for its coal ash spill?

The Magic 8-ball says, "Well, duh."

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s customers are paying for part of the clean-up of the 2008 coal fly ash slurry spill at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. They are getting hit with 67 cents per month over a decade to pay for it, said Gabriel Wisniewski, energy campaign director for Greenpeace USA.

Meghan Musgrave, Duke spokeswoman, would not say whether the company’s ratepayers — including customers in Rockingham County, N.C. — would face higher monthly rates to help cover the costs of cleaning up the incident at Duke’s old Dan River Steam Station. “At this point, we’re just focused on fixing the repair at the plant and doing the right thing,” Musgrave said Friday.

If you had done "the right thing" at some earlier point, like maybe using a liner on this coal ash pond, which has been a recommended best practice for decades, we wouldn't be having this particular conversation. And at some later point, when you're trying to figure out how to recoup the x million dollars this preventable fiasco cost the utility, you need to do "the right thing" at that time by not charging us for your negligence and incompetence.


Here is the answer to the question

A quote from an above listed link says it all:

Duke has too much political influence over the same people tasked with regulating the company, he said, pointing to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s past 30-plus years working for the company as an example.

We're getting used to bending over when it comes to power company mistakes.