Will Charlotte shoot itself in the foot?





I find it hard to understand why any city would want to host the GOP hate-fest in 2020. If Charlotte moves ahead with this misguided plan, it will be saying to the world, "We're happy to have a bunch of traitors cavorting around our city."

Shame on every single person who supports this pile of crap.

The real cost

I've been doing some digging, but I haven't turned up anything on the actual cost to the city of Chicago for the 1968 DNC convention.

With the potential for protests - and white nationalist and neo-Nazi nutcases showing up with guns in the city - the city may wind up spending more security, lawsuits and other fallout from the event than it can ever hope to recoup in tax revenue.

No other city made a public bid for the event - that really says something about how misguided the Charlotte city council is here or the kind of screws Berger and Moore put on their thumbs to agree to host it.

The RNC is declaring NC a swing state

This may back fire on them. The RNC has declared North Carolina to be a swing state and gave the left every reason to get fired up.

Chapel Hill council

In Chapel Hill, a person who votes for a motion that passes can call for reconsideration at the next council meeting. Is that true in Charlotte? Should we be leaning hard on one of the “yes“ votes to get them to switch? I think this is common parliamentary procedure.