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Far too often Washington politicians use fear and divisiveness to distract the electorate and avoid talking about the real issues. In this critical election, I believe the American people will discover more that unites rather than divides our communities. A single mother living in a rural community and a college student in a small town are united by their struggle to afford a quality education. A factory worker and a small business owner share the same concern about the outrageously high cost of healthcare. I am running for Congress in the North Carolina 5th District and, when elected, I will work to bring our district and our country together while we tackle the tough issues. I will always be truthful about where I stand.

The Roy Carter for Congress campaign slogan, "People Above Politics," is not just a marketing phrase. It is a principle that has guided my life and a belief that drives my passion for public service. I believe that the measure of a good member of Congress must be more than just an accounting of votes cast. What matters most is what those votes stand for and whether or not they were used to better the lives of people.

My Republican opponent, Virginia Foxx, has failed to provide the independent and constituent-centered leadership that our district deserves. She is proud of the fact that she is the most conservative member of congress, and never misses an opportunity to blast even the most moderate of Democrats on Capitol Hill. Rather than defending special interest groups like Big Oil and Big Pharmaceutical companies, I will use my vote in Congress to support people-based initiatives that have a real impact on the working families of America. Unlike my opponent, I will work to strengthen and expand health coverage through programs like SCHIP. I will continue to be a champion for education and young people by fully funding Head Start and low interest loans for college students. I come from a farming family, and I will never turn my back on the farmers and workers in rural communities. My only obligation in Congress will be to represent the needs and best interests of the people who elect me to serve. I grew up in the North Carolina mountains, have raised a family there, and when it comes down to a difficult vote, I will put people above politics every single time.

My opponent voted against giving aid to victims of hurricane Katrina, against expansion of SCHIP, against the Voter Rights Act, and for escalating the War in Iraq. You can help put an end to the special interest politics of people like Foxx, by voting for me, Roy Carter, as Democracy for America’s Grassroots All-Star .

- Roy J. Carter

Vote Roy Carter on www.democracyforamerica.com/gras


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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Thank you!

I appreciate it!

I hope you get the media coverage, Roy.

Being a constituent in the fifth district, it blows my mind on how that person(Foxx) gets elected. Complete rubberstamp for Bush! No original thoughts of her own. Unbelievable! The best to you. We really need to change things.

I voted!

Great post! and hillarious YouTube video!

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