Why you should care about Redistricting: The biggest unseen issue

Redistricting: The biggest unseen issue in this year’s elections

Asked to name an issue that needs to be discussed and is not being talked about , one experienced lobbyist and politico in Raleigh, Doris Weaver, pointed out the need for more attention to redistricting of Congressional Districts and Legislative Districts in 2011.

H.R.4918 - Redistricting Transparency Act of 2010 was introduced last spring in Congress.

Summary: To require States to carry out Congressional redistricting in accordance with a process under which members of the public are informed of redistricting proposals and have the opportunity to participate in the development of such proposals prior to their adoption, and for other purposes.

What a great idea! Involve the electorate in a truly revolutionary and innovative process of governing. Read the entire Examiner.com article here.


Has anyone really seen the current districts?

I live in a county that is represented by two different congressmen. That came about because of redistricting. Democrats are against republicans getting in power so they can't re-draw the districts. Democrats want to keep districts favorable to democrats. This is political maneuvering. It is what it is. If we, as voting citizens want to change it, then we should pass a law this can't happen. But, alas, that's not gonna happen because both parties want this to be something they can do depending on their political power. For the past zillion years, democrats have had that in NC and now, since repubs might have that power, the dems are all pissed off about it. What a joke.

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Yes, I've seen the districts

and to lay it all at the feet of Democrats is pure nonsense.

NC's districts have to be precleared by the federal Justice Dept. For the past several decades, those Justice Depts have been controlled by REPUBLICANS.

George H.W. Bush's (Bush I) Justice Dept most infamously sent back the districts in the early 1990s. The son did the same in the early 2000s.

And the NC Supreme Court? That's a majority Republican court that's been sending back plan after plan to the legislature multiple times.

Don't bring this "poor ol' Republican" crap around here. They've been venue-shopping for new district rulings for the past 30 years everywhere from Johnston County to Washington, DC.

Activist judges and all that, dontcha know


Vote for Democrats for Judges--esp. Bob Hunter

While I was observing (as writer -- not as a delegate), the NC Democrats in Convention in Fayetteville, an astute Dem from Wake County pointed out to me the importance of the current judicial races.

In fact he suggested the most important race on the ballot in November may well be that of Bob Hunter. "Non-partisan" races for judges?

Well, in name only. Vote for Bob. You should check out the other Democrats running for judgeships, too.

Martha Brock

Mel Watt's District

All you need to do is look up NC-12 to see why no one can take democrats seriously when they say they need control to ensure that redistricting is fair.

That article was pretty informative as to how things went down for an out-of-towner such as myself. Thanks for the post.