Why would anyone choose to serve? - Open Thread

What greeted me this morning was just another reminder of the folly that is was Republican rule. And if you heard some of the rumors that the Bush budget over the next couple of years is actually cutting funds for veterans makes my stomach hurt. What away to start off a Sunday. Consider this an open thread to vent your anger..............


Not a happy way to start a Sunday

but a good eye-opener. I added the "open thread" to your post title. Hope you don't mind.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Don't mind at all

This will be the longest two years of my life waiting for the Asshole-In-Chief to be gone (one can always hope it will be sooner through)


what this story showed...

Even in these deplorable conditions that close to the Whitehouse soldiers and marines are trying to take care of their own (a norm in any military organization that all who live it understand and strive to perform).

What is dead wrong about this is patients who are recovering themselfs are put in charge of other patients. At this point, they are all equal. They all have a problem that needs time to heal. This is the one time where all need to be taken care of by those fully able bodied Soldiers and Marines, vice being required to watch each other. The guys will watch each other, and help each other but there must be folks that are capable of functioning normally that must be the primary people doing these jobs. The Army and Marine Corp have let these guys down. These guys are doing what they know best. They dont have the tools needed to do their job.

Your right......why would anyone wish to join the military when this is out there this close to the Whitehouse. Remember, the president is also the senior most person in the military. As such, he should also be doing what the folks in this article are doing. Caring for his fellow comrades in arms.

President Bush, these are your men and women you put in harms way. They willingly went and did your order. Now it is incumbant upon you to ensure they have the best care available.

Senate and Congress both your bodies voted for this war, you as a group both are responsible for this atrosity. You too are extremeley close to this and could very easly drive up there and look at what is going on there. Fix this problem. These are the men and women that are defending us. Every suicide at Walter Reed is a count against our politicians. Nowhere in the United States should a military member have to endour these conditions.

For God's sake, get some people in there to fix the bueracracy problem and the lack of knowing where the patients are. The staff of Walter Reed need to know where their patients are, not the patients. Part of their job in the recovery aspect of these injured is to know where they are. The patients are hurting and recovering, part of that hurt is they dont know where they are.

People have to proof they where at the front? What stupidity is this? They are in your hospital system, you better know what your patients are doing because you have to medicate them. Sounds to me like Walter Reed has failed to complain about this problem, does not care if the military get treated, and quite frankly, are happy when a Soldier or Marine just walks out on em.

Building where access is unguarded and open to the public? WHAT is this? All our military installations must be secure. This is weakness in our security system. After 9-11, no military installation is open for access. This would be an extremely juicy target for anyone and these guys realize it. That is not helping their recovery.

Our military deserves better then this. Walter Reed should welcome with open arms the press to review the conditions at this military recovery base. The fact this report had to be done without Walter Reed knowing about it is also disturbing.
Wonder how many other military recovery bases are this jacked up? Where theres one, theres more.


an LTE? me a dummy!

Oh and don't forget

Walter Reed has been BRAC'd (Base Realignment and Closure) and I think it is slated for closure by 2011. Rummy in his infinite wisdom decided it was time to retire this facility. Are they going to open a new hospital to take the place of Walter Reed? Ab-so-fuck-ing-lute-ly not. Welcome home brave troops, now go find some private insurance to take care of the problems we created.

Have you seen

the sign up bonuses they dangle in front of our desperate youths?

It is all so enticing when you are looking for a pay check in a dog eat dog world.

Has anyone

looked into what this will do for military families? I know they are getting screwed by these long term deployments and unexpected changes, but does this budget continue it or are they gonna actually help out families from now on?

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"Keep the Faith"

Why didn't someone

tell me I had "Bushed" (i.e. spelled incorrectly) anyone? I guess that's how pissed I was when I posted. Anywho, it's fixed now.

Not a happy way to start a Sunday

My question is...how many of the privileged, ie. anyone of the elected, share the quarters depicted in the article with these brave men and women? Seems to me, that should be mandatory if they want to continue to reap the free health care we give those whose primary job seems to be to get re-elected. I bet they would find the money to fix up conditions P.D.Q. if they had to share their room with a few rats.

Another Shoe Drops (From CNN)

Army secretary quits in wake of hospital scandal:
Army Secretary Francis Harvey has resigned in the wake of recent reports of substandard conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, a key facility treating troops wounded in Iraq. Earlier in the day, President Bush announced he will form a bipartisan panel to assess medical care for wounded U.S. service members.



I'd love to hear all of what you think about this whole business. You have so much knowledge and such a balanced view . . .

. . . how about it?

It all stinks,

Anglico. We ask these young people to give all they have and then take short cuts on their care. As a disabled vet, I can tell you that the money is not there to handle the "old" cases, let alone what this war is adding to the case load, or the care needed by those still on active duty. Walter Reed's problems didn't start six months ago, they have been there since the first cases came back in 2003.

And our young men and women continue to soldier on and give it their best, irrespective of what their leaders do or don't do. We own them more than they are getting and for the record, I am too personally close and emotionally involved in this to be much more balanced.


Sometimes balance

is a bad idea. This is one of those times.