Why we must win in 08 and beyond

I am spending tonight doing the reading for a class in Civil Liberties. A portion of this week's reading is Planned Parenthood of SE PA v Casey. I assume that all on this site are familiar with at least the basic background of the case, and I am assuming the very words planned parenthood will tip everyone else off.

I thought I would share a quote with everyone. It is this quote that embodies why Democrats we must keep congress in 08 and win the presidency.

From Justice Blackmun, concurring opinion:

In the Chief Justice's (Rehnquist) world, a woman considering whether to terminate a pregnancy is entitled to no more protection than adulterers, murderers, and so-called "sexual deviates." Given the Chief Justice's exclusive reliance on tradition, people using contraceptives seem the next likely candidate for his list of outcasts...

In one sense, the Court's approach is worlds apart from that of the Chief Justice and Justice Scalia. And yet, in another sense, the distance between the two approaces is short - the distance is but a single vote.

I am 83 years old. I cannont remain on this court forever, and when I do step down, the confirmation process for my successor well may focus on the issue before us today. That, I regret, may be exactly where the choice between the two worlds will be made.

Cry, smile, frown, yell. However you react, just remember, there is a hell of a lot more than committee assignments at stake in 2008.



I hate Scalia after reading his opinion.


"Keep the Faith"

Scalia's pretty hatable

But he ranks far above Rhenquist and Thomas in my book. The man really does have a set of principles to which he generally sticks, and he is flipping brilliant. That said, I would not take a day off of work if he got hit by a truck.

Principles like

refusing to recuse himself from a case benefitting his hunting buddy.

I give a hearty


to the lot...and new their pal Alito, too!

Larry Kissell is MY Congressman

Scalia deserves scorn

for a lot more than just this... He is an arrogant turd.

Stan Bozarth

Absolutely right

Our battle cry this time needs to be Supreme Court Justices instead of Subpoena power.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That's why

I spent the last twelve months doing my voodoo

sen-ate! sen-ate! sen-ate!


The Pres gets to nominate, but the nominee has to get through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Notice how Shrub gave up on a few wingers after we flipped the Senate? (Yeah Patrick Leahy! Give 'em hell, you 'ol liberal dog!)

Larry Kissell is MY Congressman

I figured

you would enjoy that quote. I think you cared about us taking the senate more than anyone I know. Im just thrilled you got your wish.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen
Defeate Dole

"Keep the Faith"